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Sample Colors

These are similar colors for fleece products (mats and blankets)

Actual colors may vary slightly from the colors reflected here. Ask about our sample swatches, we'll send you a 3 by 3 of all of them for just $3.00.

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About Us: A Brief History

Welcome to our website, Utterly Paws. We are so excited to introduce to you our unique, handcrafted, personalized products, created with love for your pet friends and family! We look forward to making something special for your pet, and encourage you to send us photos and videos; tell us why they are so special to you. Maybe you have a funny anecdote, want to share the story of how they came into your life, or are remembering them since they have passed. We know the joy that animals can bring to your life; show them how much they mean to you by selecting a mat or blanket, and personalizing it for your special friend.

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Product Information

Mats, blankets, chew toys and fleece pillow covers ‑ these products are made from 100% anti-pill fleece; this makes them very durable and easy to care for. The lettering used on these products is also fleece, which makes them super comfortable for your furry friends. The mats have 1” of poly-fiber batting, and are reinforced stitched to prevent bunching. Our cotton-cased remembrance pillows come with zippers for easy removal for spot cleaning. The pillow forms themselves can be machine washed in cold water on gentle cycle. What's Included:  Each Mat includes up to three colors (blankets are up to two colors) and customization to include letters and symbols (letters and symbols can be in any color you want at no extra charge). Just let us know what you want it to say, using the customization page for your particular item.

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Ordering Instructions

We want your order to be perfect for you. When ordering Mats or Blankets, you will first add the size and style to your cart and checkout. Once you have completed the checkout process, you will automatically be redirected to the customization page where you can select the features you want for your product (such as colors, lettering, edging where applicable, stripe direction if applicable, and custom text. Feel free to write anything you need to in that custom text space to make sure we get the order just the way you want it.
Special Orders: Although we have provided many samples and sizes of mats and blankets, please do not hesitate to email us if there is a size or style of product that we don’t have on our website. Many of the products you see were made for special friends and family, so we would love to provide you with a product to your exact specifications!
Please let us know how we can improve our website using the contact form. We'd love to hear from you!

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Care Instructions

Always wash your fleece products alone or with other fleece products and clothing with a similar texture to prevent abrasion. Fill the washing machine halfway with cold water, then add a gentle laundry detergent. Let the detergent dissolve until it creates suds before putting the product into the machine. Never use bleach or fabric softener on your fleece mat or blanket. Allow the washer to complete the gentle cycle, and then hang to dry or machine dry on the lowest heat setting. Remove from the dryer promptly.
Remembrance pillows ‑ All remembrance pillow covers can be removed from the pillow form. Spot cleaning only.

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Pet of the Month

When you send us pictures and stories of your pet friends, we will select one pet every month to be featured on our website (with your approval of course)!

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Pet of Month


We are especially grateful for the shelters and rescue organizations across the country that open their hearts to animals in need. Therefore, Utterly Paws will donate a portion of all sales to a local no-kill shelter.

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Money Back Guarantee

All the workmanship of our products is 100% guaranteed. Please note that because your products are uniquely made to order, all sales are final.

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E-Mail Us!!

Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns you may have. Because we want you to absolutely love your finished product, we may need to contact you to ensure accuracy of your order.

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